Professional matters: online resources to check out — November 2014

Questions that directors of not-for-profit organizations should ask about social enterprise, and how to leverage intangible assets.


Questions to help drive social enterprise

20 Questions Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations Should Ask About Social Enterprise, a new publication from CPA Canada, offers exactly the kind of guidance NFPOs need, whether they’re just considering an idea or they’ve set the wheels in motion.

Readers learn about common challenges such as the risks of tax compliance and the tension between multiple stakeholders and objectives. The ebook offers advice on metrics, training, selection of board and staff members and exit strategies so you can avoid failures. Get your copy from


Future Value Drivers: Leveraging Your Intangible Assets

What’s inside

It’s hard to see, measure and manage them, but intangibles such as brand image and customer relationships drive your organizational success.

In this three-part series, strategic performance consultant and big-data guru Bernard Marr explains what intangibles are and why they matter. Then he introduces five steps to help you successfully manage intangibles, and he drives the key points home through eight real-life case studies.

What you’ll learn

Future Value Drivers will teach you:

  • what questions to ask to assess the strategic value of an intangible
  • what poses a risk and how to manage it
  • what (and how) to measure so you can evaluate success
  • what makes a good report to stakeholders

Find it online at