Epic find

Although Tracy Bentham searched for decor pieces across Saskatchewan, the best find occurred at home.

Accountant Tracy Bentham and her husband, Luke, a journeyman carpenter and contractor, were lucky to find Sew & Home Furniture and Design at the right time. "Last year when I was thinking of getting back to work, this opportunity presented itself and we pursued it," Tracy says.

The couple’s purchase of the Saskatoon decor and furniture store was a result of their strong passion for architecture, design and art, which evolved through a series of hobbies and interests.

That passion includes the Benthams’ own furniture collection, which consists primarily of antiques found during Luke’s picking expeditions across Saskatchewan. Those trips gave

Those trips gave Tracy an avenue to explore other styles. "I, at some point, started leaning toward a little more modern design and furniture," she says.

Besides indulging her passions, Sew & Home allows her to put her professional experience to work: she has implemented a point-of-sale system that is integrated with the business’s accounting system. "I think in order to do something like that you have to have good computer skills and some data management skills to tie it all together," Tracy says. "That comes from my [accounting] background."

Her experience also makes it easier for her to know where the business is financially and where it needs to go. "As an accountant, I’m definitely more in tune with some of that stuff than maybe your typical business owner," Tracy says.

Sew & Home is a good fit on many levels. For one, it offers Tracy the flexibility to manage her young family that a standard desk job can’t match. "When I was working before, I had quite a demanding job and I was finding it hard to balance it with the kids," she says. "When I thought about going back to work, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have the flexibility I needed." Now, with her husband as part owner, she can take a moment to attend to family matters such as chauffeuring the kids around.

The store also complements the couple’s other business, LiveModern Homes, in which they build contemporary, sustainable prefab-style homes. "We felt it was a good match [with the store]," Tracy says, "and we could marry the two at some point if we want to."