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Twenty years after leaving her VP position to spend more time with her family, Robin Harris is back on the fast track, thanks to the Women in Capital Markets Return to Bay Street Award.

In 1994, Robin Harris left her VP gig at Bank of America in Toronto to spend more time with her family. She continued working as a consultant, but when she was ready to get back on the fast track, it was tough. "Employers want to see what you’re doing now," she says. "It’s hard to convince them to take a chance. "Enter the Women in Capital Markets Return to Bay Street Award, which helps talented women with previous success in the sector relaunch their careers. As one of this year’s award recipients, Harris won a $5,000 education grant and a four-month internship at BMO Capital Markets, with the potential for a permanent role. "More of these programs have to be established," she says. "The skills that made me a competent professional 20 years ago are still there."

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Tamar Satov

Tamar Satov is managing editor of CPA Magazine.

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