We are pros

CPA Canada advertising campaign scores high.

"The professionals are turning pro" ad campaign is winning the branding game.

Interim research with key stakeholders across the country — including members — found that the first leg of the CPA Canada advertising campaign, which ran from September to November 2013, scored high for delivering key messages about the value of a chartered professional accountant. Business professionals, in particular, found that the campaign showed CPAs as MVPs: strong professionals with financial expertise, business insight, talent and integrity. Members loved it and told us to stay in the game: 82% of those surveyed strongly agreed that the CPA needs to be promoted through advertising.

CPA Canada's winter TV media campaign, which ran until early March, took aim at high-visibility, short-duration niche programming, including the Olympics and the Academy Awards. Targeted online advertising during the same period resulted in strong traffic to the cpapro.ca website.

Final market research survey results will be available later this spring. Check out the full campaign at cpapro.ca/see-the-campaign.