Shopping the world

Where to go in the world to get the best deals on wine, beer, and other indulgences.

It's fair to assume a mid-range bottle of wine would be cheapest in France, right? Wrong. Moldova takes the prize, at US$2.97. Saudi Arabia is highest, at US$99.99.

These are two examples from a Global Post report on the cost of various indulgences (and vices) around the world. The report is based on data from the crowd-sourced cost collector Numbeo and the UN Office of Drugs and Crime.

Other highlights: for domestic beer, the place to be is Vietnam (US59¢; for a 500-ml bottle). In Iran, the same will cost you US$7.29. But when it comes to the most obvious price difference, heroin comes in as the clear winner. Whereas in Kenya, a gram costs a mere US$1.90, in Brunei, the price is a more sobering US$1,330.40.