It canola get better

New research shows that Canada’s most valuable field crop – the canola plant – could be getting even bigger, better and healthier thanks to BASF Canada’s Headline fungicide.

Researchers at BASF Canada Inc. have shown that the active ingredient in the company's Headline fungicide not only makes for healthier canola plants, but bigger ones too.

The ingredient is a pyraclostrobin that provides plant health benefits such as greener leaves and stronger stems. It apparently improves growth as well: trials conducted by BASF Canada from 2012 to 2013 showed 12% taller plants in 90% of samples, 20% more pods in 93% of samples and 8% more leaves in 86% of samples.

Canola ("Canadian oil") is a genetic variation of rapeseed developed through traditional breeding in Canada. It has long been known for its nutritional qualities and in 2005, it surpassed wheat to become the country's most valuable field crop. In 2013, canola represented 25% of total crop revenue and contributed $19.3 billion to the economy. Nowhere to grow but up.