Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time by, Brigid Schulte

In Overwhelmed, Washington Post reporter and full-time mother Brigid Schulte describes her attempt to add meaning to her career and family driven lifestyle.

"Like time confetti" is how Washington Post reporter Brigid Schulte describes her life in Overwhelmed. "One big, chaotic burst of exploding slivers."

For instance: meeting with officials at her son's school with her pajama-clad daughter, who is supposed to be home sick, while reporting on a grisly decapitation. Schulte's trying to fulfil so many roles, all perfectly, that she's even guilty about ignoring the cat. It's no wonder she feels "like the Red Queen of Through the Looking-Glass on speed."

In an attempt to find meaning, she enlists the help of a time-use specialist, who has her take a good look at the unfulfilling busyness. There's also advice from Greek philosophy, Buddhism, literature and a group called the WoMoBiJos: Working Mothers With Big Jobs.

The book offers remedies — prioritize, redefine success, work smarter, play more, lose the guilt — that are useful for anyone juggling many roles and trying to do everything well. Make time to read it.