How I find balance — March 2014

Nicole LeBlanc, director of finance with the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, explains how she keeps a healthy work-life balance.

Nicole LeBlanc, 35, director of finance, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Fredericton

A lot of people talk about balancing work and life; I don't like the distinction. I spend about 80 hours a week on nonpleasure things (my job and volunteering), but it's hard to say where work stops and everything else begins. I have more of an all or nothing view — I don't even pay attention to my schedule. The key is to enjoy what you do.

I deal with lots of high-tech companies and there is a huge employment gap there. So I got involved with a pilot program to get kids coding. We're all great users of technology but not everybody knows how to make it. We're pairing people in the IT community with teachers and working with the ministry of education to make coding a unit in middle school. Eventually, we want to get it into the school system from kindergarten to Grade 12.

I'm lucky to meet a lot of cool people doing really cool things. I play ultimate Frisbee, and have played soccer since junior high and used to be a coach, and I founded a summer soccer club. My husband and I like to travel; we hiked all over New Zealand and our first trip to Patagonia was in February. We joke that our secret (to managing it all) is no kids, no pets, no cable.

— As told to Tamar Satov