High performance material

At just 30 years old, Vancouver native Alex McAulay is already taking his second company public as the new CFO for multifunctional textile maker Garmatex.

Alex McAulay, the recently hired CFO of textile maker Garmatex, has what he calls a unique opportunity. "This is the second company I get to take public," says the 30-year-old Vancouver-area accountant modestly. Coming off his success as CFO/COO at another BC- based outfitter, The Naked Brand Group Inc., McAulay can barely contain his zeal for Garmatex's smart-fibre technology, which fights bacteria, controls body temperature and keeps you dry. "It's similar to Gore-Tex, but a thousand times better," he says.

The multipurpose fabrics are sported by pro athletes — including the Ottawa Senators and Saskatchewan Roughriders — but also have medical and industrial uses for hospitals and firefighters. The company, which was planning an IPO at press time, is now in the selling phase, discussing contracts and acquiring brands for manufacture. "There are few companies like us with an international vertical supply chain that can provide a custom product," says McAulay.