Boldly go where no tech has gone before

The future is full of "disruptive" and "enabling" new technologies, according to Deloitte's latest Tech Trends Report

Time to update your tech status. In its Tech Trends 2014 Report, issued in February, Deloitte offers plenty of new "disrupter" and "enabler" technologies to watch — and even use. Some examples:

Wearables: These come in many forms, such as glasses, watches, bracelets and badges, but they all offer hands-free, heads-up potential to get work done.

Cloud orchestration: this technology calls for companies to connect cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-core systems into end-to-end business processes.

Crowdsourcing: here, the collective knowledge of the masses is used to help with tasks from data entry to advanced analytics. Specialized skills can be sourced from anyone, anywhere.

Other trends sound equally sci-fi: technical debt reversal, in-memory revolution and exponentials. The names are almost more intimidating than the technologies themselves.