Tunebug Shake

The Tunebug Shake turns any sports helmet into a surround-sound speaker.

Take the music out of your ears and onto your head with the Tunebug Shake. Using surface resonance technology, this lightweight, water-resistant sound generator captures audio vibrations coming from an MP3 player, smartphone or tablet and turns any sports helmet into a surround-sound speaker. An added safety bonus is that unlike earbuds and headphones you don’t have to isolate your hearing, so you can still hear ambient noise and be aware of what’s going on around you. Comes with a Gecko mount harness for full-shell helmets and TuneStrap for streamlined open-shell models. Connects for up to five hours of playtime via Bluetooth or supplied 3.5mm audio cable.

Price: $120

tunebug.com/ products/shake/

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Alan Vintar

Alan Vintar is CPA Magazine’s web producer.

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