The name in badges

Richmond, BC-based accountant Kristin MacMillan is the president of Imprint Plus, North America’s No. 1 name badge supplier.

Even if you’ve never heard of Imprint Plus, North America’s No. 1 name badge supplier, you’re almost sure to have seen its product on the lapels of front-line staff at one of its client companies, such as Hudson’s Bay, Hyatt, Royal Bank and UPS. And if Kristin MacMillan, CPA, CA, president of the women-owned Richmond, BC-based business has anything to say about it, Imprint Plus will soon become synonymous with name badges. "We’re looking at significant growth," she says.

Imprint’s unique patented kit, which lets human resource departments and consumers quickly produce their own high-quality name badges at low cost, will help the company build on its Fortune 500 client list. "We want to own the category like Tide owns laundry soap," says MacMillan. "Why have goals unless they’re big?"

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Tamar Satov

Tamar Satov is managing editor of CPA Magazine.

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