Poll of the month: World Cup Watchlist — June/July 2014

According to our reader poll, that the majority of you will be watching the World Cup this summer. But where will you be catching up with the action, and who will you be rooting for?

The 2014 FIFA world cup is taking place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13 and, according to the results of our latest reader survey, 70% of you will be watching at least one match. While most will  catch up with the action at home (81%), about 10% will seek like-minded company at a bar/pub or  at the home of friends or relatives (6%), and at least one lucky respondent has tickets to be there in  person. A handful admitted you’ll be watching from the office (it’s OK, we won’t tell). As for the teams you’ll be cheering on, England, Brazil and Germany are the most popular, but all 32 countries playing have at least some of your support, with one exception: Honduras.