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Financial adviser and author Jennifer Killins is sentenced to 4 years in prison for fraud.

An Ontario financial adviser and author of a book promising to reveal how you can buy “that daily coffee, those designer shoes, or your dream car” was sentenced in October to four years in prison for fraud.

Jennifer Killins, 38, who ran the Waterloo-based Dollars and Sense Financial Group until her arrest in December 2012, pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud that bilked 21 victims out of an approximate $1.3 million over four years.

Her scams included a Ponzi scheme — using new clients’ funds to pay existing clients — and forging documents to take out personal loans in her clients’ names or redeem their RRSPs to pay for her own expenses, such as cosmetic surgery bills.

Ironically, a press release for Killins’ 2011 book, Finding the G Spot: a sassy, sensible, entertaining approach to finance, suggests hiring the author to speak at events on various topics, including the “Rules of Jenn... some are made to be broken!”