Double or nothing

A Winnipeg gas station attendant who pleaded guilty to attempted fraud has avoided jail after the victim doubled his winnings.

A Winnipeg man who pleaded guilty to attempted fraud has sidestepped jail, in an unusual case where the would-be victim ended up doubling his lottery winnings.

Gas-station attendant Ashwinder Singh, 32, intentionally kept a multiplay Lotto 6/49 ticket that a customer presented to him in July 2011, returning only the $5 prize the 61-yearold man had won even though the ticket was still valid for two more draws.

The customer, who had been playing the same numbers for 25 years, later assumed he had lost the ticket and bought another one from a different vendor. Amazingly, the numbers hit pay dirt the following week with a cash prize of $90,641.40.

Singh tried to redeem the stolen ticket but Manitoba Lotteries officials determined it belonged to the customer, who now had two winning tickets worth more than $180,000.

The provincial court gave Singh an 18-month conditional sentence plus probation for theft under $5,000.