Professional matters: News and views for members — December 2014

CGA-Canada officially joins CPA Canada. Plus, news on a recent workshop hosted by the Canadian Tax Foundation in London, England.

Photo above, from left: Kevin Dancey; Bob Strachan, incoming chair of CPA Canada's board of directors; Pat Keller, chair of CGA-Canada; Joyce Evans, past chair of CGA-Canada. 


We are one

On Oct. 1, CGA-Canada officially joined CPA Canada to create a single national organization.

"With integration, we are one of the largest national accounting bodies in the world,"said Kevin Dancey, president and CEO, CPA Canada. "We are already seeing dividends."

Congratulations appeared in The Globe and Mail, National Post and Les Affaires. Minister of Finance Joe Oliver was quoted, and Sheila Fraser, former auditor general of Canada, said, "This is a monumental step in the unification of Canada’s 190,000 professional accountants under Chartered Professional Accountants — the new, single Canadian accounting designation and business credential that will be recognized around the world."


Seniors speak: money matters to quality of life


Talking tax across the pond

Minister Findlay with CPA Canada’s Gabe Hayos at a recent CPA Canada event 

Photo above: Minister Findlay with CPA Canada's Gabe Hayos at a recent CPA Canada event.

There was more than tea and crumpets on the table at a workshop hosted by the Canadian Tax Foundation in London, England, in September.

A small group of representatives from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands and Canada, including CPA Canada’s vice-president, tax, Gabe Hayos, discussed the benefits of cooperative compliance between corporations and tax administrations. The Honourable Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, Canada’s minister of national revenue, also attended.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recently focused on promoting tax compliance through collaborative interventions, direct support services and education. This workshop let the CRA learn from international representatives of corporations, practitioners and revenue authorities who have experience collaborating with big business.

"In a cooperative scenario, the revenue authority is in the tent,"explains Hayos. "There are definite benefits, but some jurisdictions have found challenges [in] building trust with corporations."

Hayos sees CPA Canada’s presence at the workshop as proof of the CRA’s commitment to seeking stakeholder input early in the process.