Letters and tweets — December 2014

CPA Magazine readers share their thoughts on previous issues via mail and Twitter.

Refreshing commentary

Can you please pass on my appreciation and gratitude to Josée-Lise Massé for her courageous and very wise comments (Letters, November) regarding CPA Magazine’s approach to profiling unique achievers in a status-driven society that is always trying to reach higher ground while perpetually trying to outdo themselves.

Many CPAs are quite pleased to be where they are, in the moment and content without having to continually seek change for the sake of change.

Her comments were appreciated and refreshing in this hyper and restless corporate world.

Martin Paradis, Ottawa

First class and professional

I had been receiving CAmagazine since 1955. During the years, I must admit I would glance through it quickly, fold the odd page that might interest me and eventually throw out the issues. I think the reason that I never took time to read them was not because I was too busy; it was because I found other reading material more informative and interesting.

I’m writing now to congratulate the editors of CPA Magazine for providing a first-class professional product containing well-written articles, interesting facts and ideas, making it worthy of regularly reading from cover to cover.

Morton Eisen, Toronto