Ask an expert: How to stay motivated at work

Here’s how to remain a go-getter, even when the going gets rough.

Most people don’t realize that motivation emerges from minor changes in your own behaviour. Getting and keeping motivated puts you in control of your actions and your career, thereby lessening stress. Even implementing a handful of these changes can have a major effect on your health and your attitude. Here’s how to remain a go-getter, even when the going gets rough.

Seek out the similarly motivated. Their positive energy will rub off on you and you can imitate their success strategies.

Stretch past your limits. Walking the old, familiar path is how you grow old. Stretching makes you grow and evolve. Avoid weak goals. Goals are the soul of achievement; never begin them with "I’ll try." Always start with "I will" or "I must."

Don’t expect perfection. Perfectionists are the losers in the game of life. Strive for excellence rather than the unachievable.

Get perspective. Take the time and effort to step back, reexamine your assumptions and find truths that you missed before.

Celebrate your failures. Your most important lessons in life will come from what you don’t achieve. Take time to understand where you fell short.

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