How I find balance — April 2014

Jodie Lobana, consultant and author of songs for the soul, talks about why it's important to live a life of significance.

I run my own consulting firm, managing staff and contractors who consult in the area of internal audit, financial policy, risk assessments and governance. But I also think it's important to take time out of our money-making pursuits to live a life of significance. I was inspired to write the book Songs for the Soul featuring 100 beautiful poems of Saint Kabir [a 15th-century mystic from India] because I wanted to bring his teachings on the oneness of humanity out of the past and into the present day.

I believe we can all take responsibility to make a positive impact on the lives of others — clients, employees, suppliers — and by doing so we will experience more joy and connectedness in our lives. So when we build a better mousetrap, it's not just to make more money, it is to provide a more useful product or service to humanity.

I set high goals for myself and I'm passionate about what I do. It's all about getting the best out of this life. I'm extremely spontaneous; I've travelled to 37 countries — I'll just get a flight and go. We have to remember that wealth comes in many forms: material, emotional and spiritual. Just as diversification is the key to long-term growth and stability, the same is true for happiness.

— As told to Tamar Satov