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She may be her father’s successor, but she earned her shop-floor cred, proving she’s the one for the job. As CEO she set big goals and turned a successful SME into a global player.

Shrewd managers are getting their junior colleagues to coach them in social media — not only for its value as a business tool, but also as a means to engage staff. You too can benefit from a reverse mentorship.

We’ve seen the short-term effects of low oil prices on the economy. What happens if prices dip again — or if they return to their previous highs?

The Czech Republic has managed to maintain a steady, export-driven economy over the course of its transition from a Soviet-style system to a more Anglo-style capitalist model.


Vancouver did it with the Olympic Winter Games. Major cities across the country just did it for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada. This Friday Toronto kicks off the Pan Am Games, opening its doors to the thrills and challenges of hosting a major sports event. Three CPAs tell us how to keep business running when the Games come to town.