CPA Magazine

There’s a group of accountants tucked away in the ivory towers of academia. But what do they do and why is their work so vital to the profession?

Honesty. The public good. Hot topics in today’s corporate world. In what ways do business schools teach the next generation of accountants the basics of professional integrity?

The inside story on the Common Final Examination, the tool that will welcome the best and brightest accountants to the CPA fold. Plus a few words from the gold recipients of the first CFE.

Today’s employers are looking for team players who can behave ethically, think strategically and act decisively. New CPAs come well prepared on all counts.

Colombia is affirming its place on the economic world stage with new trade agreements and significant GDP growth.

Many people still don’t know what the term “cloud” means or how to use the technology for business. Here’s a primer — and a short reader survey. Please respond by January 30, 2016.

Hit by onerous regulation and new competition, banks are seeing their profit margins squeezed.

One of the world’s great collections of modern art has been hiding since 1979 in the basement of a museum in Iran.

Technical and digital innovations can help the mining sector improve its sagging productivity.


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