CPA Canada asked employers, students, faculty and others how the In-Depth Tax Program could be improved. The answer? By focusing even more on what grads need to be job-ready from day one.

Canada’s foreign property disclosure rules aim to prevent tax evasion by ensuring taxpayers report to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) all their foreign investment property with a cost over $100,000, either individually or collectively.

At the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), we’ve come a long way in the past few years in re-vamping our core In-Depth Tax Course program to position learners where they belong – at the centre of the learning experience.

Tax audits of public and large private companies share many attributes with financial statement audits.

Taxation is a hot topic these days. Globally and in Canada, the media and public are calling on governments to curb international tax evasion, and governments are formulating various strategies in response.

My earlier blog on the question of the need for formal standards for tax preparers in Canada generated a number of thoughtful responses. Thanks to all of you who commented.

Increasing public scrutiny of the tax planning practices of large corporations and high net worth individuals is intensifying reputational risks for tax practitioners.

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