Six gifts for your accountant

‘Tis the season for recognizing the important people in your life. And, who’s more important than the guy or gal who’s making the numbers look good (or less bad)?

You appreciate your accountant, of course. They are your trusted advisor and, more often than not, they can become a good friend, too. The holidays are a perfect time to show them that you appreciate all they do for you. Here are six gift ideas that will make any accountant smile:

1. Accessorize your accountant
For the sartorially inclined number-cruncher, you can’t go wrong with a bow tie or necktie that celebrates the world of accounting. If they are a particularly snappy dresser, a set of snazzy abacus cufflinks could complete the look.

2. Treat them to a puzzle-solving room
Accountants are keen problem-solvers. Give their analytical minds a fun challenge by treating them to an Escape Room experience. For the uninitiated, these themed rooms contain various types of logic, word, and/or number puzzles that unlock further doors and rooms. E-Exit offers escape rooms in cities across western Canada, and you can search for others in your city (like Mystery Room in Toronto).

3. Hang out their shingle
Help your accountant celebrate the great tradition they are a part of with a custom-made vintage sign announcing their profession to all who enter their home or office.

4. Dinner’s on you
The accountants we know have a taste for the finer things in life. If yours is a fan of fine food, a gift card to a restaurant that you love is a great way to make sure they’ll enjoy the gift.

5. Keypad entry on the go
Trust us on this one. If your accountant ever works on a laptop, this will change their life. This extension for your computer works in calculator or keypad mode, making it an essential tool for accountants on the go.

6. Thing explainer book
Your accountant probably spends a lot of time explaining things. They probably don’t mind doing so! That said, they might also appreciate a humorous (and fascinating) look at a bunch of things, simply explained. The artist behind the very popular xkcd web comic has a created just such a book. Things Explained, by Randall Munroe, makes a really interesting gift for the person who usually does the explaining.


Got any other gift ideas? Post a comment below.