10 Twitter accounts for tax enthusiasts

Are you into taxes? A CPA? Love your social media? Well then, here are the dozen Twitter handles to add to your daily digest.

Accountants these days, like everyone else, are increasingly living and working online. In Canada, where we often feel isolated from international markets—or overshadowed by our economically powerful neighbour—connecting via Twitter can help our CPAs feel more a part of the global conversation. The medium is also a critical way to keep up with all the relevant developments in the field.

While Twitter serves a multitude of purposes, for the in-the-know CPA, there are two key benefits: connecting and networking with thought leaders; and, getting the latest accounting news and information. With that in mind, CPA Canada offers the following 10 accounts for your consideration:


Jamie Golombek / @JamieGolombek
Followers: 4.2k / Tweets: 3.4k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: A frequent guest on CBC and CTV, a National Post columnist and York University lecturer, Jamie Golombek also finds time for his day job as Managing Director of Tax and Estate Planning at CIBC. This leading Canadian tax expert is a great first follow for any CPA looking to build their network.

Jamie Golombek tweets the dos and don’ts of tax free gifts in Canada image of person holding a gift

Diane Lebouthillier / @DiLebouthillier
Followers: 9.6k / Tweets: 2.1k
Why You Should Follow: Diane Lebouthillier is a Quebec MP for Gaspésie–Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine and federal Minister of National Revenue. Before entering politics, she was in social work in Chandler, QC, helping to improve services throughout the region.

 Diane Lebouthillier tweets government of Canada invests 6 million for campground service, image people walking in the park

Bill Morneau / @Bill Morneau
Followers: 31k / Tweets: 3.5k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: Canada’s finance minister has plenty to tweet about regarding the issues of the day— as well as a genuinely likeable social media presence. Want to follow the movers and shakers of Canadian tax and economic policy? He should be on your list.

Bill Morneau tweeets about the budget 2017, women Canada, finance Canada

Canadian Tax Foundation / @CdnTaxFdn
Followers: 1.6k / Tweets: 1.5k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: Founded in 1945, the CTF is arguably Canada’s best-known tax research organization. The CTF’s massive membership is composed of tax professionals, lawyers, academics and others—all united by an interest in tax policy.

Can Tax Foundation tweets  leading tax thought

CPA Canada / @CPAcanada
Followers: 9.5k / Tweets: 7.0k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: We wouldn’t promote our own account unless we felt it was essential for Canadian CPAs and other tax enthusiasts. CPA Canada provides webinars, news, up-to-date tax information and crucial tools to support your work. Want something more? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

CPA Canada tweets you can attend public sector conference virtually, image of Ottawa parliament



Followers: 7k / Tweets: 3k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: The INTHEBLACK account and related media properties are run by CPA Australia and provide original, award-winning accounting news relevant to international audiences. Go ahead and say g’day to these publishing wizards.

In the black tweets is it time to ban meetings? How much time do we waste? Image of individual sleeping at table during meeting

Harvard Business Review / @HarvardBiz
Followers: 4.6m / Tweets: 56k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: For general business news, there are many quality options, like FT, Forbes, and Bloomberg. What sets Harvard Business Review apart is its surprising exuberance. That may sound odd for such an established and academic brand, but HBR was fully reimagined within the past decade. It shows.

Harvard Biz Review tweets leaders who are in learning mode develop stronger leadership skills than peers, cartoon drawing

Canada Revenue Agency / @CanRevAgency
Followers: 95k / Tweets: 11k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: For all things Canadian taxes, there are few better follows than the CRA Twitter account. A lot of the agency’s posts are useful for general audiences, but CPA pros and tax enthusiasts will find plenty to chew on as well.

Canada Revenue Agency tweets life-long learning plan for achieving academic goals, two academics wearing their robes

OECD Tax / @OECDtax
Followers: 9.1k / Tweets: 2.4k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: Canadian CPAs often access international financial news and data from the OECD, especially regarding developing nations. But did you know the OECD has a separate Twitter feed all about tax policy? We think it’s pretty great.

OECD tax tweets to read the public comments received at 2017 Model Tax Convention, icon of people forming a question mark

Finance Canada / @FinanceCanada
Followers: 43.6k / Tweets: 2.7k (approx.)
Why You Should Follow: Sure, the CRA account may be slightly more pertinent to accountants. But having a strong sense of where the Canadian economy is headed is also critical—and few accounts provide clearer, more useful guidance than this one does.

Finance Canada tweets job numbers are up and the economy is growing, image of person with hard hat working


Any Twitter accounts you follow for tax news and updates? Post a comment below.