Intriguing financial blogs, books & pods for fall 2017

At work, on your way to the office, or after-hours, here are some interesting reads for fall.

Autumn is often a time of relative calm in the accounting world, providing us with an opportunity to brush up on skills, gain insights and better understand the evolving economic environment around us. One way to achieve this is by attending CPA Canada’s great workshops, conferences and courses, of course—and there are lots of great options this fall.

Another is to catch up on the latest in books, blogs and podcasts. While the suggestions below aren’t necessarily endorsements from CPA Canada, they do represent a good survey of what’s out there right now—enough to keep you sharp and on your game in the waning days of 2017.


The best money blogs respond thoughtfully and quickly to emerging market challenges and financial news. Here are three of our favourites, in no particular order:

  1. Money Geek

    The “geek” in question is Dr. Jin Won Choi, a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics for Finance. Choi, a London, Ont., native, offers detailed assessments on investing, fin-tech, commodities and more. He also provides regular updates on his personal investment outcomes.

  2. Boomer & Echo

    The team behind this one is an Alberta-based mother-son duo: Marie Engen (the boomer) and Rob Engen (the echo). Both are certified financial planners, and each share their generational-specific thoughts and tips on managing finances. For Rob, it’s managing a family budget and working toward financial freedom; for Marie, it’s how to transition toward a stable retirement.

  3. Half Banked

    A Canadian finance blog for 20-somethings and the young at heart, Half Banked covers practical topics like putting earnings away toward a down payment and saving money on groceries. The sharp humour and casual style of blogger Desirae Odjic makes all that financial medicine go down smoothly.

Remember to also check CPA Canada’s many blogs, including our Financial Literacy and Tax blogs.


In today’s increasingly web-connected world, books hold a special place in financial media: nowhere else can a single concept or topic be tackled in as much detail. Here are some recent publications for your consideration:

  1. True Family Wealth: Love, Money & the Inspired Life

    Author Chris Clarke—a CPA, CA, Trust and Estates Practitioner, and Registered Financial Planner—challenges Canadians to consider wealth and financial planning as a multi-generational effort. Through regular family meetings, cooperative efforts and early education, he argues that a family that plans together thrives together.

  2. The Real Estate Retirement Plan: An Investment and Lifestyle Solution for Canadians

    York MBA and Harvard Business School Alum Callum Ross—with help from respected Toronto real estate expert Simon Giannini—tackles one of the hottest topics in Canadian finance: real estate. The focus here is on leveraging equity in your principal residence to access capital for investment—a key concern for many Boomers worried about financing their retirement.

  3. A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living

    Winner of an Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award, this CPA Canada publication offers clear, step-by-step instruction on gaining and maintaining control of your personal finances. Read it yourself—or buy a copy for a loved one in need of some sound financial advice.


If you’re new to the podcasting world, it’s easiest to think of them as radio shows you can listen to anywhere and anytime you want. Here are three that we’re currently enjoying:

  1. Because Money

    This wide-ranging financial podcast covers every topic under the Canadian sun, with guests that include regular CBC financial commentator Preet Banerjee. Having filled three seasons and 52 episodes, Because Money returns with fresh episodes this fall—and answers to important questions such as: “Does investor literacy affect prices?”

  2. Simple Money Solutions: Personal Finance Canada

    While this weekly podcast is aimed at a slightly less technical audience, its honest discussions offer something for everyone. Recent topics include: full-time RVing, financial envy vs. contentment, and side hustles. No matter what’s being discussed, the hosts and self-described “personal finance enthusiasts,” Courtney and Trevor, take an engaged, thoughtful approach.

  3. CFO Leadership: Beyond Finance

    This relatively new podcast, produced by FEI Canada, interviews high-profile Canadian CFOs, on a range of hot topics facing the profession. Last year, the interviewees included dynamic financial figures such as Debbie Stein, Tyrone Cotie, and the former Canadian CFO of the Year, Bruce Waterman.


What are some of your favourite financial blogs, books, or podcasts? And what about other media such as television or print journals? Post a comment below and enjoy your fall “reading,” whatever it may be.


This blog post is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only, and should not replace professional financial advice.

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