Statistics Canada: 2016 Innovation award winner

Statistics Canada’s Administrative Process Review and Automation project team won this award for transforming the delivery of financial and other corporate services.

Statistics Canada’s Administrative Processes Review and Automation team was selected as a finalist in the Innovation category for an aggressive initiative that transformed the delivery of the agency’s corporate services. The project made financial and other corporate services more strategic and maintained operational support for programs at a reduced cost.

The initiative was based on the principles of simplicity, reliability, responsiveness, accountability and efficiency.

Corporate Services adopted a tiered service delivery model, redesigned business processes and workflows, and centralized over 30 administrative units responsible for delivering financial, human resources, procurement and administrative services. The new model standardized service delivery, made performance measureable, clarified client expectations and optimized use of resources.

In addition, the strategic role of financial officers has been enhanced, with more focus on providing expert advice and conducting financial analysis. They are recognized as key players on program management committees, providing guidance on monthly financial reviews, costing out new surveys, analyzing investment options and more.

Realignment of corporate resources resulted in the creation of a small team that is dedicated to continuous improvement of corporate, financial and administrative management practices and facilitates timely response to an ever-evolving business environment.

The project’s three-year investment was fully repaid within two years of implementation.

Team members include:

Martin Chapman, finance project manager
Pamela Best, project manager
Mélanie Dubois, finance team lead
Sean Kew, finance team Lead
Sylvain Vallée, finance team lead
Anick Laurin, finance team lead
Wendy Hadley, finance team lead
Rebecca Van Tuyl, HR team lead
Jason Kirby, IT team lead
Terry Rickan, IT project manager
Lucie Bisson, manager
Jessica Berthiaume, FI recruits, rotational support
Carole Chamberlain, FI recruits, rotational support
Julie Charron, FI recruits, rotational support
Mélanie Collins, FI recruits, rotational support
Elizabeth Cotnam, FI recruits, rotational support
Catherine Grosleau, FI recruits, rotational support
Fabienne Guindon-Lopez, FI recruits, rotational support
Anne-Marie Vachon, FI recruits, rotational support
Winnie Wong, FI recruits, rotational support
Jocelyne Charron, director, Financial and Administrative Services Division
Kathleen Mitchell, director, Corporate Financial Planning Division
Carl St-Amand, director, Financial Reporting Division
Monia Lahaie, project business sponsor, DCFO, DG of Finance
Stéphane Dufour, project executive sponsor, CFO, assistant chief statistician, Corporate Services