Submitting nominations for the Financial Leadership (CFO) award

Learn about the criteria and process for the Award of Excellence in Public Sector Financial Management: Financial Leadership (CFO). Nomination deadline: February 19, 2016.

The Financial Leadership (CFO) award honours individuals who exhibit excellence and/or leadership in accounting, management and strategy within the Government of Canada.

The nominee should exhibit excellence and/or leadership in:

  • accounting
  • management
  • strategy

Nominees will be evaluated based on their level of competence in:

  • strategic management
  • risk management and governance
  • performance management
  • performance measurement
  • financial management
  • financial reporting
  • problem solving and decision-making
  • leadership and group dynamics
  • professionalism and ethical behaviour
  • communication

To be eligible for the Financial Leadership (CFO) award, the nominee must be:

  • a federal public servant in the role of chief financial officer working in a government department or agency, including a Crown corporation
In addition to the nomination form, a letter of reference is required from the deputy minister or head of the agency/department.

How the selection process works:

  • Any person within the Government of Canada, as well as the general public, is eligible to make a nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Each nominator may submit only one nominee for consideration.
  • A distinguished Selection Committee comprised of senior public servants and industry experts will select the recipient based on the above criteria.
  • There is no specific timeframe.
  • Individuals may be re-nominated in future years.

To nominate an individual, please:


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