CPA Canada honours Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada received the Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting — Crown Corporation, Federal (Small) at the 2014 Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting.

Telefilm Canada’s 2012-13 annual report, Talent First, was deemed a blockbuster. Judges praised the report’s straightforward, detailed and transparent disclosures, and its innovative use of visual aids.

What especially impressed the judges was the interactive web version of the report. Its creative integration of photos, colourful charts, graphs and video clips of some of Telefilm Canada’s work was described as ‘fun to use.’

Judges noted the superbly presented scorecard disclosures provided detailed information in a straightforward and accessible way.

The annual Management Discussion and Analysis received high marks for the discussion on industry and economic conditions affecting the agency. The detail and context provided on key successes related back to the corporate plan. 


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