Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting: Driving continuous improvements in business reporting

Learn how the awards have promoted high quality corporate reporting since 1951.

The Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting have celebrated transparent and effective communication between business and the investment community for over 60 years.

Since its inception in 1951, the program has continued to reflect changing standards and regulations as well as evolving investor expectations.

The evolution of corporate reporting

In the beginning, the program involved a review of hardcover annual reports — basic documents that didn’t contain much beyond required financial statements and related notes. A lot has changed since then.

In 1989, regulations mandated the addition of management’s discussion and analysis. Voluntary governance and corporate responsibility reporting followed several years later. The awards program responded to these and other changes, and now includes separate judging categories for:

  • financial reporting
  • corporate governance reporting
  • electronic disclosure
  • sustainable development reporting

The growing use of technology

While the printed annual report has long been the primary source of information companies make public, electronic reporting is rapidly evolving. It offers:

  • greater immediacy
  • the capacity to handle vast quantities of information
  • a host of technological advantages that enable companies to tell their stories to general and special-purpose users

While financial reporting continues to evolve, the fundamental importance of transparency and accountability never changes.

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