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Enhance your skills in leadership, finance and accounting for the not-for-profit sector. This program is designed for board members and accountants who are new to the NFP world and ready to make a difference.

Build a strong understanding of what it takes to become a successful audit committee member – from learning about the roles and responsibilities of each individual to Canadian regulatory requirements, the principles of corporate governance, and more.

A core responsibility of the audit committee, as assigned by a board, is overseeing how an organization approaches risk. Explore the critical role that audit committees serve in enterprise risk management.

Build a foundation of knowledge in blockchain technology and crypto-assets with this all-new, seven-module program. You’ll learn about practical application, trends, tech controls, best practices, risk management and more.

Keep building your knowledge and skills with this comprehensive course that guides you through key elements of financial management for the public sector.

Ethics are the core foundation of what auditors bring to the general public. Learn why it’s important to embrace ethics, and how your judgment has a significant impact on the audit profession’s values and services.

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