The ONE 2018 Podcast Series - Agenda

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This is the agenda for Podcast #1:
Podcast #1:
Ushering in a New Era: Artificial Intelligence vs Privacy Legislation

Topic: What are the privacy implications and considerations of AI? How do you strike a balance between the ethical use of AI and an encroachment on privacy? Discover the role accountants play in the world of AI and privacy legislation

Chantal Bernier

This is the agenda for Podcast #2:
Podcast #2:
Cybersecurity: Threats and Compliance Issues You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Topic: Do you know the state of cybersecurity in Canada today? And what actions can your organization take to proactively detect and prevent attacks? Review current trends in cybersecurity and how to respond effectively to a breach

Imran Ahmad

This is the agenda for Podcast #3:
Podcast #3:
Taxation of Cryptocurrencies

Topic: How should cryptocurrency transactions be treated under Canadian tax law? Learn how cryptocurrency mining companies operate and get a closer look at how intentions and business models may affect their tax considerations.

John Oakey

This is the agenda for Podcast #4:
Podcast #4:
Public Accounting 2.0: Your Practice in the Cloud

Topic: Are you interested in updating your practice and transforming client relationships? Hear from two practitioners as they discuss their experiences with the cloud and reveal the wide range of options available to CPAs in the modern age of public practice.

Jules Hawkins, FCPA, FCA ; Allison Hawkins, CPA, CA

This is the agenda for Podcast #5:
Podcast #5:
Followership: Why Leadership is Not Enough

Topic: It can be easy to get derailed and frustrated at work when good leadership opportunities are lacking. Explore the concept of followership, and why it is equally as important as leadership in a professional context.

Samantha Hurwitz ; Dr. Marc Hurwitz, MBA, PhD

This is the agenda for Podcast #6:
Podcast #6:
Leadership 2.0: How to Future-Proof Your Organization

Topic: Many older styles of leadership do not work as well now as they did in the past. Discover the key differences between generational cohorts and learn more about the impact of those demographics on contemporary leadership strategy, style and communication.

Tom Hood