Excel formulas and functions: Logic and lookups

Learn the purpose of logic and reference functions, and how to use them. Take a deep dive into lookup functions, including VLOOKUP(), and become a master of Excel functions.

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Become a master of Excel functions and receive a free ebook with registration.

Take Excel from a tool that simply reports historical results and configure it to respond dynamically to changes in scenarios and turn your spreadsheets into business intelligence tools.

This course begins with looking at logic functions, from the essential IF() function through a variety of others which can be leveraged at key times. Explore reference functions that allow you to pull information from different worksheet cells as required.

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You will learn about:

  • the purpose of logic functions and how to use them in the real world
  • how to create an IF() function and nest AND() and/or OR() functions within
  • reference functions
  • how the CHOOSE(), VLOOKUP(), INDEX(), and MATCH() functions work
  • creating a VLOOKUP() function
  • the difference between approximate and exact matches

Follow along with extensive course resources, ebooks, and examples to enhance your learning experience — and they are yours to keep.

Who should attend?

  • advanced Excel users
  • IT professionals
  • business intelligence educators
  • consultants
  • financial analysts

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Session Descriptions

What we will cover
Logic Functions

Exploring Customer Reward Plans

Using AND( ), OR( ) and IF( ) - Part 1

Using AND( ), OR( ) and IF( ) - Part 2

What Have We Done

Reference Functions

Ranges and the CHOOSE() Function
The CHOOSE() Function

Lookup Functions

What Have We Done

The VLOOKUP( ) Function
VLOOKUP( ) Approximate Matches

Using Approximate Matches - Part 1

Using Approximate Matches - Part 2

What Have We Done

VLOOKUP(): Exact Matches
Using Exact Matches

Dealing with #N/A Errors


What Have We Done

The INDEX() Function
The MATCH() Function

Using MATCH() and INDEX() - Part 1

Using MATCH() and INDEX() - Part 2

Using MATCH() and INDEX() - Part 3

Dealing with Errors

What Have We Done

In Review

Final Quiz



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