Data management value chain: An opportunity for accountants in the digital age

Are you ready to propel your career into data management? Learn about the data management value chain and how you can prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities in today’s data-driven world.

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Jointly Presented By:

CPA Canada and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)

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Online (English) On-Demand Event

Digitization has created enormous amounts of data. With the influx of information, how can accountants help harness the value of non-financial data? Find out in this joint webinar by CPA Canada and IFAC, which dives deeper into the new data-related challenges and opportunities for accountants presented in the “The professional accountant’s role in data” discussion paper.

Join us as we discuss how the data management value chain transforms data as a raw input into data-driven outcomes for businesses and get insight into developing trends. Learn about the skills and technologies required for accountants to prepare analysis that incorporates both financial and non-financial data and see how the profession is moving forward.

A French transcript of this webinar is available. After you have registered for the webinar, you can access the French transcript in the resources section of the webinar platform.

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1 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the data management value chain and why it is important
  • the expectations of finance and accounting across the data management value chain, along with the skills needed to meet those expectations
  • the new data and technology competencies incorporated into Competency Map 2.0, which is designed to reflect the current workplace expectations of new CPAs

Who should attend?

  • controllers
  • CFOs
  • financial analysts
  • business professionals
  • senior accountants
  • consultants
  • finance managers
  • non-IT finance professionals

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The explosion of data through the global economy creates challenges and opportunities for professional accountants and others who are being called on to oversee, manage, and measure the value of data.


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