Cybersecurity Management for the Public Sector

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This is the agenda for COURSE OUTLINE
Module 1: The Canadian cybersecurity landscape

• An overview of the policy, regulatory and legal landscape for cybersecurity and privacy in Canada, including how it applies to public sector organizations
• How organizations can make more informed decisions about cyber risks

Module 2: Best practices prior to a breach

• What goes into developing a cyber-preparedness plan
• The risks a cyber-preparedness plan seeks to address
• How to help your organization develop a cyber-preparedness plan

Module 3: Incident management

• The key steps to take when a cyber incident is suspected or discovered
• How to advise your organization on the development of a customized cyber incident response plan

Module 4: Reporting and notification requirements under privacy law

• Privacy law as it applies to public sector organizations
• What the reporting obligations are, in the event of a data or privacy breach

Module 5: Working with law enforcement

• The role of law enforcement in the context of a cyber incident
• Methods for engaging with law enforcement in the event of a cyber incident

Module 6: Litigation exposure and cyber insurance

• The primary basis for litigation based on cyberattacks
• Key legal cases related to cybersecurity and privacy breaches
• What you need to know about cyber and privacy insurance

Module 7: Communications best practices for a cyberattack

• The value of developing a communications plan before a cyberattack happens
• What to do during a cyberattack from a communications standpoint
• How to conduct a communications assessment after a cyberattack