Cybersecurity management for the public sector

Learn how to protect public sector organizations from cybersecurity threats in this online course, developed in partnership with FMI Canada.

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CPA Canada and the Financial Management Institute of Canada

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Online On-Demand Event

With privacy breaches on the rise in Canada, cybersecurity has become an important issue for public sector bodies that collect, use and disclose personal information.

This online course will help you build a strong cybersecurity governance framework, successfully navigate today’s most common cybersecurity threats, and learn how to better prevent attacks on your organization’s data.

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4 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • common cybersecurity threats
  • how to design and implement risk mitigation strategies, including:
    • employee training
    • supply chain management and cyber insurance
  • building a governance framework
  • the Canadian legal landscape related to data protection in the public sector
  • managing cybersecurity matters, particularly in the event of a breach
  • when and how to work with law enforcement

Who should attend?

  • CFOs and CIOs
  • comptrollers and controllers
  • public sector finance professionals responsible for cybersecurity management

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Module 1: The Canadian cybersecurity landscape
• An overview of the policy, regulatory and legal landscape for cybersecurity and privacy in Canada, including how it applies to public sector organizations
• How organizations can make more informed decisions about cyber risks

Module 2: Best practices prior to a breach
• What goes into developing a cyber-preparedness plan
• The risks a cyber-preparedness plan seeks to address
• How to help your organization develop a cyber-preparedness plan

Module 3: Incident management
• The key steps to take when a cyber incident is suspected or discovered
• How to advise your organization on the development of a customized cyber incident response plan

Module 4: Reporting and notification requirements under privacy law
• Privacy law as it applies to public sector organizations
• What the reporting obligations are, in the event of a data or privacy breach

Module 5: Working with law enforcement
• The role of law enforcement in the context of a cyber incident
• Methods for engaging with law enforcement in the event of a cyber incident

Module 6: Litigation exposure and cyber insurance
• The primary basis for litigation based on cyberattacks
• Key legal cases related to cybersecurity and privacy breaches
• What you need to know about cyber and privacy insurance

Module 7: Communications best practices for a cyberattack
• The value of developing a communications plan before a cyberattack happens
• What to do during a cyberattack from a communications standpoint
• How to conduct a communications assessment after a cyberattack



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