Tax audit compliance program for SMPs

Join CPA Canada, along with the CRA’s small and medium audit directorate, for a joint broadcast on the CRA’s approach to tax law compliance for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Managing Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits for your clients can be difficult, particularly if you and the auditor are not on the same page. However, the CRA’s approach to tax audits for small and medium-sized businesses has changed recently: it is now less adversarial and more innovative, with a focus on effectively engaging tax preparers and better assessing the risk of tax loss.

Getting returns “right from the start” is the CRA’s primary objective. This means helping lower-risk taxpayers comply using non-audit methods as well as employing audit resources more efficiently with higher-risk taxpayers. Hear directly from the CRA’s small and medium audit directorate to help manage the critical role you play in establishing compliance with Canadian tax laws for your clients.

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You will learn about:

  • graduated approach to small and medium business compliance
  • plan to register tax preparers
  • risk assessment process and focus on higher-risk taxpayers
  • access to personal banking information
  • enhancement to telephone service for practitioners
  • the CRA’s quality control program

As well as:

  • early dispute settlement and recourse in audit
  • the role of the CPA in the CRA audit process

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