Retirement income planning in action: Part 1

Learn how to successfully navigate your income through retirement.

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The transition from the “accumulation” years to the “retirement income” years is not a continuation of the same thing. There are significant differences. Having spent decades to build wealth, retirees now move into a phase where they are using their assets to create the cash flow they need to do the things they wish to do in retirement.

One of the key differences is moving from full employment income to a combination of income streams from assets and entitlements — from one income source to many.

In this first of two webinars, presenter Daryl Diamond will address:

  • key income planning concepts
  • essential tax considerations
  • the various sources of retirement income

What is the most efficient way to use and combine these various income streams throughout retirement? The answer is, “It depends.” The merit of any course of action is dependent upon the details of each client situation. Daryl will use a case study to illustrate this in both parts of this series.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • understand features and details of various income streams
  • consider how these strategies apply in your situation
  • realize the importance of tax-efficiency in capital preservation and sustaining retirement income

Register for part two where Daryl continues to discuss the various sources of retirement income and uses the case study from part 1 to illustrate the strategies of combining retirement income sources in the most efficient manner.

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In part two of this series, Daryl Diamond continues to discuss the various sources of retirement income and strategies for combining them in the most efficient manner.


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