The materiality of Millennials

Watch this video course to get the essential skills needed to recruit, create contractual provisions, and exercise optimal retention practices for the Millennial generation in small to medium-sized firms.

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Much has been written and discussed about the needs and motivations of the Millennial generation in the workplace. There are consultants who have built entire practices upon the uniqueness of this generation, who maintain that motivating this group requires entirely new management techniques. There are others who debunk the “Millennial myth” entirely, saying that every generation in its twenties has specific characteristics, and this cohort of 20-somethings is no different.

Those born in the ‘80s and ‘90s have been shaped by forces that no generation before has experienced, and many of those influencing factors are quite foreign to their baby boomer leaders. Technology, social media, globalism, changing family structures and the smaller size of this generation have all combined to create a group of workers who, if they are understood, will bring positive and much-needed change to professional services firms. How do small to medium-sized firms unlock that potential?

This video course details the essential skills needed to recruit, construct contractual provisions for, and retain Millennial employees. In terms of employee retention, this valuable series concludes with key insights into how Millennials progress through their careers. Through articles and exercises, each part in the series will provide you with an opportunity to apply the information learned.

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You will learn about:

  • the defining characteristics of the Millennial generation and how it will interact with other generations within the firm
  • how traditional processes can be reviewed and altered to allow millennials to contribute most effectively
  • effective recruiting strategies
  • reward strategies, including compensation and recognition, that will really motivate Millennials
  • the nature of teams within a Millennial-heavy workforce
  • how to rethink traditional career progression and succession models

Who should attend?

  • professionals from small to medium-sized firms who are responsible for recruitment and retention
  • recruitment consultants for small to medium-sized firms
  • firm leadership who would like to learn more about the Millennial generation

More Details:

Session Descriptions

the defining characteristics of Millennials

Millennials within the firm culture
o examining traditional structure and work flow in a Millennial context
o challenges surrounding the chargeable hour as a primary measuring tool

effective recruiting strategies
o marketing to Millennials – what do Millennials want?
o interviewing techniques
o discovering the most effective value proposition
o setting reasonable expectations from the very beginning
o on-boarding program

reward strategies
o cash compensation
o non-cash compensation
o benefits
o “Millennials Perk for Pay” survey

work environment
o dress, distractions and dinners
o social media

access to technology
o using “reverse mentoring” relationships to utilize Millennials’ skills and to enhance those of others within the firm

retention – what is different between Millennials and other employees and what is not
o the connection between engagement and retention

the use of teams and Millennials
o friends at work
o share the mundane

o multiple paths to the future
o a career matrix rather than a ladder

revisiting the requirements to approach work differently
o examining traditional structure and work flow in a Millennial context
o challenges surrounding the chargeable hour as a primary measuring tool



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