The five rules of creative leadership

Learn the five rules of creative leadership and the strategies that will help you and your team implement measures to encourage employees to take more risks and engage in big-picture thinking.

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Do you regularly set aside time for strategic thinking? How is what you are doing right now connected to your company’s vision? Is there a sense of community in your office or department? What can you do to improve your employees’ engagement with their work?

To attract the best employees and develop a competitive edge within your market, you need a firm grasp of key creative thinking tools and how to use them.

Five Rules of Creative Leadership introduces five important ideas that today’s most successful companies are incorporating into their leadership style and culture. It also offers tools and strategies for active brainstorming, motivating through autonomy and tuning in to your leadership hunches and intuition.

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You will learn about:

  • how engaged communication can help you lead
  • how offering employees autonomy can motivate them
  • the importance of bringing together people who are polar opposites
  • how to lead an active brainstorming session
  • some examples of inspired leadership

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