How to create and deliver a powerful presentation

Being able to narrow a presentation down to the essentials, structure it properly and then present it in a way that is most relevant to your audience is absolutely critical to your professional success.

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Creating and delivering a structured, engaging and compelling presentation is a must-have skill in the financial and accounting industry. But it’s not enough to simply get up and speak, present information on a slide and hope that “something sticks.”

This webinar will share a uniquely effective step-by-step formula for creating informative, persuasive and powerful presentations, sharing tools and techniques that can be used to turn every public speaking opportunity into a rewarding and results-driven experience.

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1 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • a proven process to focus the key elements of your presentation in a structured, clear and compelling way
  • how to position your presentation to gain the highest level of trust in your team, customers and supervisors
  • how to create such high levels of engagement that your audience is hanging onto your every word
  • the Diamond Speech Structure™ flowchart, which will help make all your future presentations faster, easier and more effective than ever before
  • the relationship between speaking confidence and rock-solid speech structure
  • techniques to increase public speaking confidence

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