LinkedIn for leaders

Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile into a powerful networking tool that will yield better contacts, impress existing clients and gain the attention of prospective ones.

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Just about everyone has a LinkedIn profile, but is it working for you? Is it helping you build connections with prospects, clients, candidates and younger team members?

Some LinkedIn users adopt a set-and-forget strategy; they passively use this powerful, professional networking tool by just viewing the occasional profile. But LinkedIn offers so much more.

LinkedIn for Leaders examines how top business professionals can use this invaluable networking tool to display their accomplishments. The webinar explains why LinkedIn is important and what the top tricks are to making your profile more visible. It also explores what to avoid and how you can add value to this social space.

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You will learn about:

  • the hidden LinkedIn tricks to making yourself more visible to the audience you want
  • how to use LinkedIn effectively to build your reputation and your firm
  • five LinkedIn job search secrets
  • what activities will hurt your reputation
  • how to right-size your network

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