Goals at work

Tap into the research and science beyond what works and what doesn’t, and dip into some neuroscience, positivity truths and myths and behavioural principles.

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Having meaningful goals is important for one’s success, fulfilment, and personal and professional well-being. But, different types of goals will serve different needs. While having the right goal can inspire, it’s also important to have the right strategies, mindset and action plans to ensure you achieve them.

What happens when willpower lags? What about the obstacles that come into play? How big do the goals need to be to truly inspire?

Explore the ins and outs of meaningful goal setting and strategies for achievement.

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You will learn about:

  • why having goals is important to one’s well-being
  • what kinds of goals are important
  • what traps to avoid
  • how to create success with your goals and commitments
  • what derailers to avoid
  • truths and myths regarding willpower, motivation and more

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