Grace under pressure: How to successfully manage conflict

Conflict is inevitable and it can be difficult to keep your cool in an uncomfortable situation. This interactive webinar will provide you with practical tools to defuse problems, avoid miscommunication and resolve interpersonal conflicts more effectively.

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Get insights into the physiology of emotions and thoughts to better handle conflict. This webinar offers strategies to effectively manage stress in a variety of difficult situations in order to resolve issues and preserve relationships.

Led by Roy Johnson and Sue Wazny, this entertaining and enlightening session will leave participants with practical tools to help reduce conflict, including counter-intuitive approaches that they don’t teach you in conflict resolution school — but really work.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the relationship between emotion and strategic thinking
  • personal self-management strategies
  • how to manage the emotions of others
  • the five conflict management choices and when to use them
  • communication strategies to effectively solve problems

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