Influencing for impact: The four influencing styles for managers

Learn how a manager's style can influence the development and performance level of staff.

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Your organization’s success is tied to your ability to manage and motivate your people. To lead professionals and team members, you must not only understand human behaviour, but also have the ability to anticipate and direct it effectively.

Influencing for Impact explains the difference between management and leadership and illustrates how a manager's style can influence the development and performance of staff.

If you can assess the competency of employees and understand what truly motivates them, you can be more effective by engaging in the appropriate style. And if you engage your people in the right style, you can create an environment for positive performance.

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You will learn about:

  • your primary and secondary coaching style, using the Management Actions Situations© questionnaire
  • understanding and managing employee competency levels for performance improvement
  • making the distinction between management, leadership and coaching

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