Five ways to build presence

Learn how to build presence and enhance your confidence, influence and performance in this free webinar.

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If you’re a leader in an organization, you want to appear confident and decisive, have the ability to build strong relationships, communicate effectively and display grace under pressure.

You also need to be able to command the room, leave a lasting impression and inspire a sense of trust in others. In short — you need presence.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • why presence is the “X-Factor” of the business world — who’s got it and who doesn’t
  • how people who exude presence can easily influence others and get what they want, including promotions and more pay
  • the five elements of building presence and why you need to master each one
  • how body language says more about you than you think
  • the most important thing leaders must do to support their people and elevate their presence

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