Dialogue gap: How bridging the chasm between communication and understanding affects profits

Learn the core concepts of Dialogue Gap. The book suggests that negotiation, business development, strategic innovation and conflict resolution are becoming more difficult because we are losing our ability to talk effectively together.

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We are experts at sending information, but we’re not very good at engaging in an active dialogue that is defined by collaborative thinking. The chasm between communication and understanding is what author Peter Nixon calls the dialogue gap.

The gap between the dialogues we have and those we need to resolve our challenges at work, at home and in society, comes from our overreliance on digital communication. As a result, we have a diminished ability to have effective dialogue when we need it.

Dialogue Gap Affects Profits explores this disconnect. Nixon shares recent client examples from both his public- and private-sector work around the world.

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You will learn about:

  • how dialogue is important
  • five key dialogue skills
  • how to choose from the many dialogue methods
  • how to understand dialogue by identifying your #1 focus
  • the importance of teaching dialogue in schools and at work

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