Are your conversations building trust?

In this free webinar, learn how every word, phrase, interaction and even silence can have a profound ripple effect – for good, better or worse.

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Communications efficacy is critical for leaders, trusted advisors and talent across the spectrum. More than words and exchanges of information, each conversation has the potential to trigger a reaction, both emotionally and in our neurochemistry, that can either shut down or open up our levels of trust, our ability to listen and hear, and our ability to connect. 

This webinar introduces Conversational Intelligence®, which draws from emotional intelligence, neuroscience and communications. Conversational Intelligence teaches new approaches and skills to promote healthier conversational dynamics and potentially prime for better relationships and more positive cultures.

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1 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the neuroscience of conversations and how trust and/or distrust impact our communications efficacy
  • critical (and common) communications blind spots
  • how to trigger more trust in conversations with strategies to prime yourself and others for successful dialogues, relationships and outcomes

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