Professional ethics: Current challenges, underlying values (Part 2)

Build on the skills you developed in Part 1 of this webinar series. Learn how to navigate common ethical challenges faced by professional accountants and foster trust and ethics in your organization.

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Ethics is a key element of every profession and this is particularly true for CPAs, who depend on their reputation to maintain public trust, whether in industry or public practice.

Increase your understanding of ethics and strategies for applying ethics in the workplace. The series incorporates theory, case studies and discussion to help you hone your judgment and skills.

Discussion will include how to reach the right decision, how to effectively encourage clients or bosses to behave ethically, and strategies for contributing to an ethical workplace culture.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • identifying ethical issues
  • improving analytic reasoning and assessing alternative courses of action
  • convincing others to do the right thing
  • identifying ways people rationalize unethical behaviour
  • building an ethical culture at your organization

Who should attend?

  • accounting professionals
  • controllers
  • management
  • external auditors
  • internal auditors
  • directors
  • business leaders

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Using ethical case studies, learn how to navigate through the common ethical challenges faced by CPAs and discuss methods to help promote ethical behaviour in your organization.


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