Ethics in the public sector

Developed in partnership with The Financial Management Institute (fmi*igf), this course explores core ethical values in a public sector context. Learn how to refine and apply your ethical reasoning skills to uphold the public trust.

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CPA Canada and fmi*igf

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As a civil servant, you know firsthand that the public sector can be a unique and complex work environment.

You’re continuously making decisions about how to uphold public trust – so it’s important to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions. What is expected of me? What’s right or wrong in this situation, and why?

This course, developed in partnership with fmi*igf, will help you strengthen your ethical reasoning skills. Learn how to implement best practices in governance, reinforce positive ethics for a constructive workplace culture, and effectively handle wrongdoing with accountability and transparency.

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4 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • cultivating your moral obligation and personal responsibility to uphold the public trust as a public servant
  • developing ethical reasoning skills by understanding core values that underpin ethics and how they apply when handling ethical issues in the workplace
  • understanding the relationship between ethics, accountability and good governance to reinforce positive ethical cultural behaviour in your role as a public servant
  • developing awareness of how perceptions and biases can affect judgment and influence attitude and behaviour in public organizations
  • recognizing a wrongdoing and the steps you can take to report an incident

Who should attend?

  • public sector CFOs and DCFOs
  • accountants/auditors
  • comptrollers
  • treasurers and financial managers/officers
  • those involved in financial IT transformation projects
  • public sector managers with budgetary responsibilities
  • professionals with procurement responsibility
  • fraud examiners

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