Building an ethical culture: Navigating the moral choices business professionals face

Learn what causes people to behave unethically, as well as strategies for dealing with such behaviour and the leadership skills you will need to build an ethically sound workplace culture.

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A number of recent ethical scandals share many similarities. They often feature professionals so caught up in their success that they don’t even realize they’re doing something wrong. And, when they do realize it, their reaction is to try to cover things up. But that only makes matters worse. Then everybody, including many innocent bystanders, pays the price.

Using theory, case studies and practical tips, Building an Ethical Culture examines the signs of ethical problems and the best way to navigate the moral choices that we have to make in our work

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You will learn about:

  • what an ethical culture is and how it can be created and maintained
  • why people act unethically
  • strategies to manage a situation in which you are called upon to act unethically
  • ethical leadership
  • how a leader can enhance (or destroy) the ethics of an organization

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