Principal residence exemption: Learn to analyze and determine

Explore the criteria for both qualifying and claiming the principal residence exemption and what should be filed when claiming it.

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We have seen a number of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) challenges as to whether the disposal of a capital property is a principal residence or not. It now appears CRA has expanded their project in this area. Based on the flipped classroom model, this webinar will help you in determining if a property is a principal residence, as well as determining whether a transaction is on capital or income account.

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4 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the known aspects of this CRA project
  • how subsection 40(2), the capital limitation on the disposition of a principal residence, works
  • the definition of a principal residence for both federal tax and GST/HST purposes
  • how to analyze the facts to determine if a property is a principal residence
  • a basic determination of how to elect a principal residence where there are two or more eligible properties
  • CRA policy per Income Tax Folio S1-F3-C2: Principal Residence
  • recent pronouncements about a principal residence from CRA
  • recent tax court decisions related to a principal residence
  • capital versus income transactions
  • determining whether the disposal of a capital property is a principal residence or not

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